Gran Canaria Film Commission 2017

Gran Canaria is clearly one of the best places in Europe to film.<br /> For its attractive tax advantages for audiovisual productions.<br /> For its exceptional weather 365 days of the year, superb light quality, boasting 4,800 of daylight per year and an average annual temperature of 22°C (72°F).<br /> For its excellent connections by air to major European capitals and other cities around the world (132 destinations). Gran Canaria’s airport is the fifth of Spain, bringing in more than 12 million passengers a year.<br /> For its unique variety of locations: deserts landscapes, subtropical and pine woods, volcanic cones, craters, rocks and cliffs; enormous range of beaches, cozy pebble coves, quaint and colonial villages, cosmopolitan cities and industrial areas, commercial ports and marinas... hence Gran Canaria is often described as a “Miniature Continent”.<br /> For its advanced communications and road infrastructure, guaranteeing swift access to all these landscapes and surroundings, as different as they are captivating. You will be surprised how close all the locations are in Gran Canaria.<br /> For its wide range of accommodation, with a huge variety of hotels and resorts, ensuring a peaceful rest and security for the crew and the most demanding film stars.<br /> For its experienced and qualified people in the audiovisual industry. A booming audiovisual sector and an excellent crew with proven experience at your service at very competitive prices. For its secure environment: a safe destination with all the infrastructure, services and advantages of the European lifestyle.
Gran Canaria Film Commission
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